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women safety digital india

Women Security is the prime agenda of our government, though government is putting more step to secure women’s however there are other technological app through which women’s can secure themselves and use them to send a high alert to local authority and get security immediately.

There are different featured apps  which can be used  while in danger to send a alert to nearby authority to get help immediately.All these apps are available on Google play store and you can download through you android mobile phone.

1. Sefetipin


SafetiPin is a personal safety app designed to keep you safe.It has a complete set of features; GPS tracking, emergency, important contact numbers, directions to safe locations, pins showing safe and unsafe areas, and a Safety Score.I t goes well beyond typical women safety apps, and provides a wide range of features, that help you proactively plan and respond to situations affecting your personal safety.

Have you ever

• Wondered if a new place you were going to visit was safe or not? Check out the Safety Score and other pins in the neighbourhood
• Wished that someone knew where you were? Or needed help in an emergency? Use the Tracking and Alarm features to contact friends and family, and let them track you over GPS
• Wanted to know more about some neighbourhoods. Set up a Wall and see recent comments
• Needed help from others? Call public emergency numbers. Use the Directory option to find local emergency help numbers, and call from the app
• Needed to locate safety services. Locate nearby safety services. Find the nearest police station, hospital or pharmacy, and get directions to reach there
• Wanted to share information about safety? Audit a neighbourhood, report a feeling, or report personal harassment and hazards. Your pins will help others in being safe and will also help your city officials take appropriate action.
SafetiPin is a winner of the mBillion Award 2014, in the category of women and children and the Avon Foundation award 2014 for Innovation in communication.
SafetiPin is now available in English, Hindi, Bahasa and Spanish. Take control of your personal safety.
Download it today!


2. Family Locator

File locator

Family Locator is the most reliable and accurate family locator & children safety app.
Family Locator app lets your family be in touch and stay connected with your friends anytime.
✓ See your family & friend locations in real time
✓ Share free messages with your family
✓ Know your family is safe, or needs your help
In need send/receive SOS with exact location
✓ Get notification, when your kid reaches destination
✓ Receive alert when kids go where it’s not safe
✓ See the location history of family member during past 7 days (available as an in-app purchase)


3. Hollaback

Holla Back

Hollaback! is a movement to end street harassment around the world.

Envision a world where we all enjoy equal access to public spaces, and the explosion of mobile technology has given us an unprecedented opportunity to end street harassment.

Stories can change the world – and we can end street harassment by using the Hollaback! app to help provide proof that street harassment is a serious problem warranting a serious response from policymakers.

Share your stories, and tell others who share their stories that you’ve got their back!

Sharing your story may help other as well.


4. Telltail


Keeping in mind the womens’/citizens’ security while travelling, DIMTS (Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd.) has come up with the TellTail mobile app.

TellTail is a security application with following features.

1) User chooses to intimate his near and dear ones about her/his location on basis of
a. GPS installed in Auto, Cluster bus or other public service vehicle running in Delhi. (‘Track by Vehicle’ button)
b. GPS on user’s phone, and send the coordinates for reference. (‘Track Me’ button) anywhere in the world

2) User can send SOS message to her/his near and dear ones in 3 ways
a. Open the app and click on green panic button.
b. Click the power button 3 times to trigger the panic alarm (with setting ON)
c. Shake the phone with a bit of jerk 3 times to trigger the panic alarm.(with setting ON)

3) If your near and dear ones have TellTail installed, this will
a. Ring an alarm (even if phone is on silent mode) when the panic SMS from telltail is received.
b. In case the GPS of the phone is not ON of the person in panic, still it will send the cellular code to give the      tentative location of the person.
c. In case data service is not ON, but GPS is ON, it will send the SMS with Lat/longs of the person and when other  person receives it, it will be reverse geocoded (if data service is ON on receiver’s phone).

Your friends do not need to run telltail in background still the alarm will be triggered easily as well as you can be  intimated on receiving any such SMS. Trouble (medical emergency/accident/panic situation) does not inform  before coming.


5. Stay secure

Stay Secure

• Do you feel safe while travelling alone or at night?

• Are you afraid you’ll not get help when you need it the most?
• Are you concerned about your and your loved one’s safety?
• Do you feel the need for a safety companion who is always on the lookout?
• Do you wish to see a change and make a difference?

Stay Secure is a free women safety app thoughtfully designed to get you help immediately in times of need.
With it’s unique features, Stay Secure will empower you and be your safety companion for life.

• Easy activation: In times of emergency StaySecure can be easily activated by pressing the power button 5 times.There is no need to unlock the phone or open the safety app. This will help you save precious moments during the emergency. Stay Secure can also be activated by pressing the Help button within the app.

• Help Me/Alert nearby people: Your emergency contacts may not be near you in times of need. StaySecure will alert and request help from nearby people. This functionality of Stay Secure can add great value to Community Outreach and Neighborhood Watch programs. StaySecure also sends FREE SOS SMS to your emergency contacts every 5 minutes when activated.
• TrackMe: Track me allows your loved ones to keep an eye on you remotely while you are travelling till you reach your destination safely.
• Geofence: Geofence creates a virtual boundary around any predefined paths. Even without data connection, Geofence will alert you when you deviate from these virtual boundaries.
• Fake power off: When activated, this feature prevents power off attempts.
• Auto answer: It might not be possible to answer calls during an emergency. StaySecure will answer all the calls automatically so that the caller could interpret the situation in a better way.


One more recognized App :



Raksha – Women Safety Alert App is the MOST EFFECTIVE Woman Safety App

Raksha app – Ensuring women’s safety. Just at the press of a button your near and dear ones know your location.

Your selected contacts can see your location and you can even ask them to show theirs. A distress signal just by pressing a single key sends out a loud buzzer to your near and dear ones. Your parents need not worry all the time now.

You as a woman need not worry about security. Even if the Raksha App is switched off and isn’t running, pressing the volume key for just three seconds alerts the specific contacts you have chosen beforehand. Your location is sent to them on a map which sends them your exact whereabouts.

Salient features of the Raksha app (Empowering Women with Safety):-

• Send location alert without switching ON the Raksha app by the press of Volume button
• Create a group of trusted people(friends and family) who you can alert if required
• Can add multiple contacts along with 100 dial for help
• Very easy to use and understand
• SOS functionality
• Sends SMS if in No Internet zone
• Emergency Alert
• Safe Places
• Geo Fencing
• Map view for easy navigation
• Loud buzzer
• Request location of near and dear ones
• Dark Zone or Danger Zone or Insecure Zone
• Capture last location / address
• Medical Alert
• Eve Teasing Rescue, Medical Rescue, Fire Rescue, Threat Rescue

Though this is not enough but we tried to capture some of the technological gadget which may help in unwanted situation. please share this article to create awareness.


Women safety digital

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