Will mCommerce cannibalise Ecommerce?

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Gone are the days when delivery at our door step was a nightmare. eCommerce made possible every thing in just one click and online shopping India is on boom. We just need to think and it’s delivered without a step out of the door.

While digitization is on priority for country, eCommerce made a strong turning curve to increase cash flow in digital market. Traditional promotion method has been changed to ads and banner on Electronics device for latest offer, best deals and coupons.

 As per estimation by 2016 there will be 400Mn internet user in india and 40M online buyers which is further to increase by 3 times in next 3 years. In last three year the growth trend in online shoppers were multi fold which shows the trust building by brands in Indian consumers.

Reaching to 400Mn internet user will have major contribution due to increase of smart phone. Innovation for every handset now is the key for handset manufacturer to make a key differentiator. Though best price war is still not over and will increase after more involvement of large players in the market.

With significant contribution in internet due to smart phone there will be high potential users in market whose prime internet interface is only smart phone. In the battle of lowest price war between eCommerce companies there will be single question for sustainability on log run and smart phone user market share will be the deciding factor.

To win the battle of end user stickiness will be the key which can only happen if users are more addicted to buy product through dedicated eCommerce app and through their mobile wallet.

Now the question is, if the single destination is the result for sustainability, mCommerce needs to rise which may cannibalise the eCommerce industry. Though Indian market is versatile and provide ample of opportunity to all players, however building trust on online buying is not a peace of cake and need more muscle to win the battle.

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