Things to make sure while shopping online

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Things to make sure while shopping online

As per the latest reports India has crossed over 300 million internet users and if we talk about the number of users in the world, the current statistics has crossed over 40% of world population.

While internet has many uses and benefits, one of the majorly growing thing on internet is eCommerce websites i.e online shopping portals through which one can easily shop or look into the products right from their homes or work places.

Mostly the youngsters, tech savvy individuals are preferring online shopping for their every next purchases, but there are still a complete group of users who doesn’t prefers to do purchases online.

Maybe they lack the trust factor while swiping their credit or debit cards or even though COD (cash on delivery) option is present on almost every shopping websites, some people can’t rely on quality of product just on the basis of seller’s description.

Well the main reason for writing this article is to explain how can you make the best of your online shopping experience and not to fall in the trap of bad ones.

Basically there are three type of online shopping websites/applications –

  • First are which manufactures their own products and sells them online. These are usually created and managed by the product owners and are quite less famous .
  • Second are the applications/portals which just provides the interface for the sellers to upload and sell their product online by following a certain set of standards and procedures. Sellers are mainly responsible for quality check and packaging.
  • Third ones are the applications/portals which sells the product under their own name. In this case website does all the quality testing, packaging and delivery from their end.

Following are the steps to ensure while shopping through online portals and applications :

First task is to recognize the type on which the website falls i.e whether it is a product owners website or you are dealing directly with sellers or website is completely managing the products selling to delivering cycle.

If it is a seller based website, you must check the sellers score and review (sales and rating) statistics.

More over these days, the eCommerce companies has launched some new services like fulfilled badges and good delivery badges. Generally the fulfilled products are the products which are checked and delivered by the eCommerce company it self. Fulfilled products are the most trustworthy products which you can go for without digging much into it regarding the quality.

If the product doesn’t lie under the fulfilled category, you must readout the previous comments and reviews posted by the genuine users (who actually purchased the product).

Make sure you checked out other similar websites for that particular product whether it lies under fulfilled on that website or not and do check it even for price comparing as most of the times these websites sell same product at different prices. That’s the benefit of purchasing online, you can go through so many options in just a couple of minutes and so can you be fooled if you don’t stay smart.

And still sometimes even after following all the checks the product or the service may be faulty, in that case you must call the customer care of that company and immediately report the issue.

In an all the way to make the best of online shopping experience is by being smart and alert. The reason for online products to be cheaper than the real world market ones is that the seller here doesn’t have to pay the showroom rent.

So be a clever customer, lookup for coupons, offers and deals with us and then only make a purchase.

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