Shopping fiver- What will save your money?

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Either its time of new Season or Start of Festival, There is always flood of “Sale” in Shopping stores.

Good Offer may lead you to shop more and you will buy the products even it’s required or not. If you take little precaution while shopping and plan shopping from store or online shopping then it will save lot of your Money.


1. Make a Rule :
Make a Rule of -3 will help you to save money from excess shopping. Whenever your are going to shop you need to make a determination that you will buy only three products and if required to buy more you will compare it if you already have similar product in your wardrobe. Example : Printed Kurti, Ethnic Dress, Designer Saree if you already have in your wardrobe then don’t buy it.
If you still like some designer Girls Handbag then compare it with collection and then ask yourself and then decide to buy.

Shopping fiver

2. Check the Quality :
Most of the store which put product on Sale bucket are at very low price however when you compare the Quality of that product with non Sale product ,you will be able to find that those are not value for money and even product in Non Sale Bucket are of more quality products and value for money.

3. Understand Sales Strategy :
Stores provide more discounts on low quality product to those customers who buy regularly from their store and try to encourage them for more shopping by providing extra discounts. This leads to unnecessary shopping

4. Check Return Policy:
In Maximum Stores it’s written on cash counter that neither Sold product will be returned nor exchanged from which are from Sale bucket or they print it on Bill Receipt. So if you are purchasing any product check out the return policy.

5. Keep in Mind :

  • Product in Sale Bucket never have alternate in term of Size, Colour , Print. In such type of case consumer generally compromise with all required factor however after that always regret for buying that.
  • Don’t buy Cloths which you need to only dry clean and cant wash buy only washable product
  • Generally on Weekends there are lot of Rush in stores, So you cant inquire more about the product and end up by buying the faulty product. So avoid shopping on Weekend and Shop in Weekdays
  • In Off Season there are many online offers for high priced product, so wait for end of season offer and shop online.
  • You can also save money through using extra discount coupon site like Ask for offer.

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