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The Girl on the Train, is a complex thriller with themes of domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse.

Book Synopsis :

Rachel Watson is introduced as a 32-year-old alcoholic who is going through a difficult time in her life. Her ex-husband Tom left her two years ago for his mistress Anna; they are now married and have a daughter. However, Tom cheats on Anna as well, having an affair with neighbor Megan Hipwell, who is also married. As the story begins, Megan is pregnant and believes Tom to be the father. When confronted with this information, Tom murders her and buries her in a shallow grave.

While Rachel takes the train to and from London every day, she notices Megan and her husband out on their deck, and often fantasizes about their lives; though she has never met them, she believes them to be the perfect couple. Days later, she sees a news story about the woman’s sudden disappearance. Worried that she may have done something to Megan while in a drunken blackout, Rachel begins to investigate the disappearance, lying to Megan’s husband to get close, and causing distress to both Tom and Anna with her frequent drunkenness. Once Anna finds evidence among Tom’s belongings of his affair with Megan, she and Rachel realize that Tom “lies about everything”, and they confront him. Tom confesses the murder to them before attacking Rachel, who kills him in self-defence.

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