How to choose a good led tv

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Looking to buy a new television for your in home entertainment or for your office. Well choosing a good television today when there are countless number of options available for each price segment could be one heck of a job.

Our motive is to make your selection process a bit easier and help you out to avoid any useless mistake by briefing you about the parameters to judge while purchasing a good television.

First of all you have to check which price segment and the purpose you are looking for – Eg for gaming, movies, music or some official purpose as we want a product that comes with all the required features and still remain pocket friendly.

Though we support e-shopping completely but for choosing a right television we recommend you to do test it up with your real eyes once. For that you can select a few list of models that suites your pocket and style and just go by the showroom and check it up whether its up to your expectations or not because in the case of television we have seen a major difference in picture quality for different brands or models even with same details on paper. Once you feel it good enough, you can come back home and complete you item purchase.

Basic features to look into while buying a TV includes DISPLAY, SIZE, 3D, SMART TV, SOUND.


Picture quality – Checking up with contrast ratio may tell a lot about an led picture quality. The luminance of TV is majorly dependent on contrast ratio. When ever looking up for a TV always remember to check for it as even though with all the good features a TV with low contrast ratio will not be able to give a best output.

Refresh Rate – The higher the better. Refresh rate simply means how much times a screen picture is updated. It comes in 60,120,240,480hz usually. For pure gaming we recommend you go for 240 HZ or higher.

Full HD or HD ready – Full High Definition means that your television supports 1980 x 1080 pixel while HD ready means 1280 x 720 pixels. With 1980 x 1080p we mean that the screen is divided into 1080 horizontal lines of vertical rows and with 720 p we mean that screen is divided into 720 horizontal lines of vertical rows. Higher the resolution more crispier is the image.

*Please note if you are looking for a smaller TV (32 inches or lesser), we suggest you to go for HD ready as 720p is quite enough for that screen size but for any bigger TV we strongly recommend you to go for FULL HD only if you want real good entertainment experience.


For choosing a right size TV depends on the size of room you are planning to fit it into, because with bigger television size you have to increase the viewing distance.

26 inches :  3.25 ft. – 5.5 ft.

32 inches : 4.0 ft. – 6.66 ft.

37 inches : 4.63 ft. – 7.71 ft.

40 inches : 5.0 ft. – 8.33 ft.

46 inches : 5.75 ft. – 9.5 ft.

52 inches : 6.5 ft. – 10.8 ft.

58 inches : 7.25 ft. – 12.0 ft.

65 inches : 8.13 ft. – 13.5 ft.

70 inches : 8.75 ft. – 14.75 ft.

3D :

This is a completely movie based entertainment feature which modifies your movie watching experience to the next level. Adding this you have to raise your budget to good amount as well with in addition cost of purchasing a 3d movie disc all the time.


This is basically a television which has in built option to connect to internet. You can use this TV to watch videos on internet (youtube, vimeo), surf websites, play online games etc. A smart TV is obviously much costlier than any other non smart TV. But the best thing we have noted so far is smart TV’s has better picture quality as compared to non smart TV. So if your pocket allows to buy one, we totally recommend you to go for it.


Well sound should not be much of a concern for you as mostly you would prefer to couple it up with some home theater and we suggest you to do it as only then you would get a perfect experience of in home entertainment.

For choosing a brand is not much we can guide you by as we believe in product quality and features rather than the company backing up. Still for choosing a same features full product and inside your pocket bar, we would recommend you to do check out our Latest offer for LED TV and the reviews posted by the users for the same once before purchasing.

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